If you want everyone to know your company’s story, let SLK Creative get your message out to local and national magazines, newspapers, trade journals, radio, and television programs. Calling upon our contacts for product placement, event coverage, and company profiles is what we do best!

When you want to get your name out on a local or national level, turn to SLK Creative. We are closely connected to independent and corporate event planners, wedding and social planners, Fortune 500 companies, public and private companies, hotels and event professionals throughout the special event, travel, and hospitality industries who are always looking
for the latest and the greatest.

We offer:
• Biography Writing
• Company Profiles
• Press Releases
• Email blasts and campaigns
• Complete Press Kits: Writing & Design (Electronic, CD, and Print)
• Media Placement/Coverage (Magazine, newspaper,
trade journals, periodicals, annual guides, radio, television, Internet, etc.)
• Television Appearances (interviews, product placement)
• Crisis PR
• Public Spokesperson
• Publicity Stunts
• In-store events
• Fashion Shows

Not everyone is a natural in front of a camera or microphone. But never fear… SLK Creative is here to show you how to speak, act, and look like you were born for the spotlight. Our training program includes:
Speech and Diction: SLK Creative will help with pronunciation, enunciation, word choices, and more.

Scripting: We’ll put the words right in your mouth! When a few words won’t do, SLK Creative has got you covered. Speakers can read verbatim, or we can create cliff notes for those who just need reminders.

Personal Styling:
SLK Creative will offer pointers on how to look professional, polished, and perfect for your public.

Body Language: Did you know that crossing your arms in front of your chest makes you look angry and defensive? It’s true…and we can’t have that. Learn the right way to hold your hands, head, and the rest of your body to elicit the best results from reporters, the camera, and everyone else you meet.