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illuminart Debuts New LED System at Charity Event

Color, Design, and Style Light Up the Nig



MIAMI. October 4. illuminart, South Florida's premier lighting design company, indtroduced its new all Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting System at Blueprint for Prosperity, a fund-raiser held this past weekend to benefit the Human Services Coalition.


The event took place in an atypical space. "We chose Shell Lumber, one of Miami's oldest working lumber yards, because it is unique," said event producer Susan Gladstone. "And with the event's theme, Blueprint for Prosperity: Laying the Foundation for the Future, it just made sense."


Knowing that she wanted to create a dramatic look throughout the 7,000-square-foot space using lighting, she called upon Marco Rose, lighting designer for illuminart. "There were a number of logistical as well as technical challenges," said Rose. "But with our new LED system, we were able to use multiple colors throughout the room, and have them change from red to blue to green to lavender without ever sending a technician up a ladder to change a gel. We used 28 CR-1 lights to wash the room in color, and four more to light the SPAM All-Stars as they performed on a 16- by 16-foot stage. Not only is this new system a tremendous design tool, but it also offers cost-saving advantages.


"This technology is totally changing the way theatrical and special events will be lit," he continued. "LEDs have been around in low-end applications, but in the last two years we have seen the light and power output more than quadruple. This, along with new computer-based software lets us have a light source that operates with almost no heat at one tenth the power of conventional incandescent lights, and offers about a thousand color choices."


This light source offers a "green" advantage, too. The entire 30-light system operates from four 20-amp wall circuits unlike conventional lights, which require special high-voltage power hookups, using additional energy and adding expense. 


For more information on this new LED system or to put your event in the best light, please contact Marco Rose at 954.327.0564/ or Shari Lynn Rothstein at 305.466.4312/



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