SLK Creative - 05/21/2008 - BW Designs Puts an End to “Same Old” Food Service







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Etched Trays Illuminate Culinary Offerings
Lighted trays from BW Designs provide super-sexy vehicle for all kinds of foodservice

Orlando, FL. May 21, 2008.
So many events, so much of the “same” food presentation. Is there no cure?

Actually, there is. Simply chic, functional, and sleek, acrylic trays from BW Designs will light up food presentation while effortlessly wowing guests. Each tray comes in a variety of shapes including round, oval, square, triangle, and rectangular, but custom shapes are never a problem.

The acrylic trays can be etched with any design—from swirls and geometric patterns to logos or company names. Each tray is lighted from its handle, utilizing three reusable LED lights that come in red, blue, green, or white. The easy to operate on/off switch will prolong the life of the lights, however, replacement lights can be purchased, eliminating the need to rent or buy new trays and ultimately becoming more cost effective. And size is never an issue – however large or small you require is what BW Designs will create.

Whether being carried by wait staff or used as risers on buffet tables, lighted trays by BW Designs are durable, affordable, and create a sexy and exciting start to outstanding presentation. Lighted trays are for sale only by BW Designs. Check it out at

For sales information contact BW Designs at 407.816.1905/

For more information or high-res images of these exciting new items, contact Shari Lynn Rothstein at 305.949.1424 or;

BW Designs is a décor rental company whose sole purpose is to supply event professionals with exceptional cutting-edge products. Products including acrylic chairs, acrylic podiums, spandex chair covers, LED Lighting systems, party passes, acrylic awards, ice products, and many others were created to stand out and be noticed. The company prides itself on high-quality product and expedient, top-notch customer service. BW Designs is a company comprised of Bill Whidden Designs and Ice Magic, both of which were founded by Bill Whidden.